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The Shalom Community Center is a safe, daytime resource center for people experiencing homelessness and poverty.

Shalom Community Center is dedicated to relieving the plight of people experiencing homelessness and poverty in South Central Indiana. Since access to food, housing, education, and health and human services are fundamental human rights, we seek to meet these basic needs. As a nonprofit resource center, we deliver social services directly and in coalition with other agencies in a respectable, secure environment. We advocate for the most vulnerable among us and promote ties that empower people to develop their potential and to take responsibility for their own lives.

Donors needed for our Holiday Gift Program

You can make the holiday season brighter for children by becoming a donor for our Holiday Gift Program.  You can choose how many children you would like to be matched and will then receive a completed wish list form/s for families that equals the number of children requested. The family form will list the first name, age, sex, wishes, and clothing sizes.  Our expectation is that at least two gifts should be purchased for each child.  No dollar amount is designated — that is purely up to your budget.   It is not necessary to get something for the parents but, if you choose to, we suggest a grocery store gift card that can be used to help with the purchase of the holiday meal.

Those interested should contact Pam Kinnaman, Director of Volunteer Services, by phone: 334-5734  and  email: pam@shalomcommunitycenter.org to get more information or click on the registration form link to print a registration form and return it to Shalom Community Center in person, by fax or as an email attachment.     Donor Registration Form

Much Thanks To All Those Who Support Our Programs

Thanks to Cresent Donut, Bloomington Bagel Company, SOMA Coffee House and Hoosier Hills Food Bank for all of your wonderful food donations.

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