If you enjoy online shopping, saving money, internet surfing, and/or helping others then you can support Shalom for only the time it takes to sign up for GoodSearch!


Shalom has paired with GoodSearch, a Yahoo! powered search engine, which donates 50% of its search revenue from advertisers to charities like Shalom!

Each search quickly adds up—so much so that an organization with 100 supporters doing just 2 web searches a day would donate over $700 within a year!

So how do you get started with GoodSearch? It’s free and simple:

1) Go to the GoodSearch homepage ( and in the “enter your favorite charity” search bar, type “Shalom Community Center”  and press Get Started!

2) At the top of the page, use the Web Search bar as you would any normal search tool to find information AND raise money for Shalom OR

3) Click “Shop Now” to see stores where your purchases will help benefit Shalom as well as valuable coupons that will save you money! Examples of participating stores include Macy’s, Amazon, and Walgreens.

If you want to take your participation a step further, you can Register with GoodSearch. This will allow you to track your earnings for Shalom, identify yourself as a supporter, invite friends to join, and win extra donations.

You will also have the option of downloading their toolbar to display in your internet browser. This option is helpful because it serves as a reminder that you could be raising money for Shalom every time you shop online.

Still confused about what GoodSearch does and how it benefits Shalom? Click here for more information.