Our Mission

The mission of the Shalom Community Center is to aid and empower people experiencing homelessness and poverty. Read more about our vision and values…

Our Vision

Shalom Community Center envisions a community that honors every person’s fundamental right to sustenance, a safe home, quality health care, and meaningful work. We see ourselves as a key leader in providing the full range of support and services for people dealing with poverty and homelessness in South Central Indiana.

Our Values

Hospitality – We extend community beyond the margins to include those unserved by society.  We invite all people into our safe and welcoming space.  Recognizing the many challenges our guests struggle with on a daily basis, we place as few barriers as possible between our guests and our services and resources.

Dignity – We value the worth and dignity of every person, treating all with compassion and respect. We honor the lives, concerns and stories of people who have been marginalized by society and expect our staff, volunteers and guests to do the same.

Empowerment – We strive to increase the economic and social strength of people in need.  We help people develop confidence in their own capacities.  We support people in making choices that improve the quality of their lives.

Hope – We believe in the possibility each person possesses to create a sustainable, healthy and happy life. We work to nurture that hope in all people.