One Paycheck Away: Selena’s Success Story

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One Paycheck Away: Selena’s Success Story

“A lot of families are one paycheck away from being homeless…it’s scary!” This was the case for Selena as well.

Selena was in a hospital in Terra Haute where staff had referred her to various homeless shelters in the area. Coming from Florida and a strained relationship with her sister nearby, she had nowhere to go. When she arrived at Friend’s Place, staff guided Selena throughout her time homeless in Bloomington. Selena already had an income, and was waiting for an affordable housing opportunity to make her own.

While talking about her time at Friend’s Place, Selena expressed fond memories. “You may see us homeless arguing occasionally…but we got each other’s backs.” She is especially grateful for the staff at Friend’s Place, and the communication and support system they offer. “Nikki helped me get my meds at a nearby hospital…and I came back that night and told the [night monitor]…and he said, yeah I know already…it was amazing!” Selena tells people that Shalom will provide for the homeless what they need.

Within 88 days at Friend’s Place, and with help from the Program Director, Selena secured an apartment. “It’s very quiet!” Selena talks about how she is no longer sleeping in a room with 11 women, some whom snore and others whom toss and turn in their bunks. “And I miss it…but they are coming over tonight at 7pm to watch Big Brother.”