“I was so afraid to tell anybody that I was homeless…”

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“I was so afraid to tell anybody that I was homeless…”

“The Shalom Center gave me a family again and gave me more hope than anything.  I was very hopeless in so many ways.  I re-found myself in the time I’ve been at Shalom.  It’s been a very empowering and humbling thing.”
– Crystal Banks

When Crystal Banks first discovered Shalom, she had been sleeping on the streets.

Fleeing an unhealthy relationship, she found herself homeless, despite working full-time at night as a certified nursing assistant.  She temporarily gave up her kids to their father as she struggled to get back on her feet.

Shalom was able to help Crystal with our new respite room, where she could sleep after working at night, our laundry and showers, our hunger relief program to help her save money for an apartment, and our case management, which helped her connect with many essential resources at Shalom and in our community.

Crystal now has a home and a better job and will soon have her children living at home with her again.  She’s returned to school, studying to fulfill her dream of one day becoming a nurse.

Crystal spoke incredibly eloquently of what it was like to be homeless.  She said, “I was so afraid to tell anybody that I was homeless.  You get looked down upon, because people don’t even stop to try and hear your story and understand why you’re homeless.  You’re just automatically put in that box of, ‘You’re homeless.  You’re a bad person.  You obviously did something wrong…’  I’ve felt so humbled and so grateful that there are people that care for people they don’t know.  It’s just amazing to me how much people care.  That just takes away from the shame of being homeless.”