Helping a Vet Come Home

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Helping a Vet Come Home

“If Shalom wasn’t here, I don’t know where I’d be. Their help was amazing because it really changed my life around. I still come to Shalom because it’s like a home to me. They never deny me. Whenever I’m in trouble, they help me out.”
– Claude Sanders

Claude served in the Marines for five years, including 18 months in the Vietnam war.  After his wife of 17 years, the mother of their 12 children, passed away, Claude couldn’t handle the loss.  He lost his 25-year manufacturing job and turned to alcohol to lessen the pain.  He became homeless, living on park benches and sleeping in the woods.

Then he turned to Shalom.

Shalom lessened his pangs of hunger.  Shalom warmed his chilled body.  And we began the process of putting this Marine back together.

Claude has been sober now for several years.  He had been working until an unfortunate job-related accident severely damaged his shoulder and wrist.  Shalom supported him through that, and also helped him connect with the Department of Veterans Affairs, which uses Shalom as an outreach center, to take part in their housing program for disabled vets.  Claude gives back by cleaning up at the local park every day

Claude said, “If it wasn’t for the Shalom Center, this town would be in total chaos.  I really appreciate the things they have done for me and everybody else, too.  We are all homeless and we all have problems.  Without the Shalom Center, we wouldn’t know where we’d be at.”

Thank you to all our supporters who made Claude’s climb out of homelessness possible.